Logan Bramlett

Logan is a tattoo artist who is currently based in Akron, Ohio.  

He strives to make the experience of getting a tattoo one not soon forgotten.  Everything from the initial consult for the piece, to the final details before the tattoo is complete, he aims to make the entire adventure comfortable and memorable.

Logan has several years of formal training in painting, drawing, and illustration as well as practical real life experience in the field. 

" Over the past five years, I have evolved as an artist.  Coming from a formal background in painting and drawing in college, to the past years of tattooing, I have changed.  I look everywhere for inspiration and am always trying to expand my knowledge and capabilities.  I try to stay patient in my work so that I can consistently learn and progress.  My style of tattooing ranges from black and grey realism and geometric dotwork, to creating pieces that have art nouveau stylizing. I am constantly trying to diversify my views and learn from each tattoo that I do. "