PLEASE read this section in it's entirety prior to sending a message!  Thank You!

When sending a contact request, please specify which artist you are wanting your piece done by.  If you have no preference, please indicate so within the message.



To simplify my schedule and to make booking more efficient, I will only be offering Half Day and Full Day appointments-  Half day appointments (12-4 or 4-8) will be a 2 hour minimum, while full day (12-8) will be a 5 hour minimum.

*Due to the high volume of submissions, I apologize but CANNOT possibly take on every project that gets* *proposed. I will select the ones that are more geared towards progressing my style and advancing my* *abilities. If you are open to another one of the artists at the studio working on you in the event that I am* *unable to take on your project- please let me know in the message so that I can direct the email to them!*

 PLEASE BE PATIENT AND DO NOT SEND ANOTHER CONTACT REQUEST.  By sending second and third requests, it does nothing but congest my inbox and will NOT expedite a response.  

If I decide to take on your project, it is generally at least a 4-6 month period from the time of initial submission to the time when you will be contacted by me to start discussing the piece!  This is in part due to the fact that I have been taking on more large scale projects which consume a bit more of my schedule. 

I have become more interested in working in the neotraditional stylings (lady faces, animals, conceptual, etc) and larger scale pieces as of late. For this reason, they will receive priority booking.  I will also be posting pieces that I have been wanting to do, and those of you interested in those pieces will get first dibs on dates, so keep an eye out! 

Again, due to the large amount of emails/inquiries I receive, I cannot possibly tackle all of the projects that get proposed.  If you are open to another artist in the studio taking on your piece in the event that I can't, please indicate so in the email.  If you do not receive a response to your inquiry, I apologize and ask that you not take it personally.  I am constantly evolving as an artist and am trying to progress my abilities in certain areas and am taking on the projects that will allow me to do so. 

Due to my busy schedule, I will very rarely have a drawing for you to see prior to the appointment.  I allow time before getting started to make adjustments to the piece, if necessary.  All I ask is that you trust me and have a little faith in my work. 

Though I will continue to do geometric, I am trying to step away from them a bit so that I do not get backed into a proverbial corner where that is all that I am doing day in and day out.  So I will only be taking on a select amount of geometric styled projects each time I do bookings in hopes to expand my knowledge of other styles and build my experience in other areas.

 I will NO longer be doing any tribal, (Polynesian, Celtic or otherwise) extensive script, (verses, passages, poems, etc.) watercolor, or galaxy pieces - unless it is an ongoing project that I have already committed to. Cover ups will be taken on a piece by piece basis and generally not accepted unless there have been laser treatments to lighten, and I will not be taking on reworks of existing tattoos.  They are not the direction I would like to see my style progress at this time, so I will be on a break from them for awhile.  Thank you for your understanding! --Logan



I sincerely appreciate every project request that I receive-- I am honored, amazed, and tremendously grateful for the amount of trust in me and in my work that it entails. :-)

That being said; due to the large number of requests I receive, I regrettably cannot take on every project I am asked to work on.  As I work towards continuing to grow as an artist and advance my skills as a tattooer, I will be focusing more on pieces that I feel will help move my style forward.  I ask you to please not take it personally if I am unable to work on your piece.

 There are a few types of projects in particular that I will not be accepting any longer. Among these will be tribal pieces of any kind,  large blocks of script ( i.e. quotes, scripture, lyrics, etc. ) or large galaxy/space pieces.  I also will not do work on/ “finish” any pieces that have been started by another artist ( including but not limited to finishing partially started sleeves, filling/shading existing outlines, etc). I will however, still be accepting cover-up projects (one of my favorite design challenges!) to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Because of the way that I work on constructing pieces and the overall busy nature of my schedule, I will not usually have a picture of a tattoo drawn up far in advance of an actual appointment date. I am however, happy to make changes, additions, revisions, adjustments, etc. to any design I am working on and encourage any clients who have new ideas in mind or questions of any sort to contact me anytime.

Thank you for reading- I look forward to hearing from you 

<3 Jess




Now booking the remainder of 2017. Though I am more than happy to take on most any project presented to me, I am more drawn to watercolor/painterly styled tattoos.  I am always looking to tattoo one of my countless doodles of obscenely cute animals in various predicaments- if that strikes a chord with you, send me an email and we can discuss some of my available drawings!

Please feel free to contact me for more information and to set up your next tattoo!



Rick is currently booking thru the remainder of the year and into 2018. 





If you have any questions regarding setting up an initial consult, the tattoo process, or to commission a fine art piece, do not hesitate to send a message to get details. I review all messages and will contact you back in no time at all. 

When sending a message in regards to getting a tattoo, please be thorough.  Include what you were wanting to get, size, location on your person, and the time frame you were wanting to get the piece done. 

We apologize for any inconvenience, but at this time we cannot accommodate tattoos on clients who are under 18 years of age. (minors)  Thank you for your understanding.

If you have images that you would like for us to see with your description, please wait for a response and attach to the email thread after we have begun a dialogue.   

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